1. Who is the most successful leader of the Resistance War against France?
    1. Nguyễn Trung Trực
    2. Trương Định.
    3. Nguyễn Hữu Huân
    4. Hồ Xuân Nghiệp
  2.  Bình Sơn belongs to:
    1. Quãng Ngãi.
    2. An Giang
    3. Long An
    4. Quảng Nam
  3. Tân An belongs to:
    1. An Giang
    2. Hà Tiên
    3. Long An.
    4. Vĩnh Long
  4. When did Trương Định recruit insurgents to against France?
    1. By the end of 1959
    2. After The Treaty of Huế, concluded on 25 August 1883 between France and Nguyen Dynasty
    3. After France attacked Gia Định.
    4. After France occupied 3 provinces in the South-Eastern of Vietnam
  5. When did Nguyen Dynasty sign  The Nham Tuat Treaty? According to this, 3 provinces in the South-Eastern of Vietnam belonged to France.
    1. In 1959
    2. After France attacked Gia Định
    3. By the time Trương Định recruited insurgents to against France
    4. In 1862.
  6. When Trương Định Popular Forces was in the most successful period, what did Nguyen Dynasty do?
    1. Singed the Treaty with the French.
    2. Forced Truong Dinh dissolve insurgents
    3. Ordained Truong Dinh for military commander of An Giang
    4.  3 provinces in the South-Eastern of Vietnam belonged to France
  7. The King ordained Truong Dinh for military commander of:
    1. Ha Tien
    2. Vinh Long
    3. An Giang.
    4. Long An
  8. Who alleged to have a change and learn modern technology from Europe into our country  in Nguyen Dynasty
    1. Nguyen Lo Trach
    2. Pham Phu Thu
    3. Nguyen Truong To.
    4. Both a, b, c are correct
  9. Which revolution belongs to Can Vuong movement:
    1. Ba Dinh revolution ( Thanh Hoa)
    2. Bai Say revolution ( Hung Yen)
    3. Huong Khe revolution ( Ha Tinh)
    4. Both a, b, c are correct.
  10.  To prepare for the lasting  resistance against the French, Ton That Thuyet decided to locate the holy revolutionary base in:
    1. The mountainous region from Quang tri to Thanh Hoa.
    2. 3 provinces in the South-Eastern of Vietnam
    3. Mountainous region in Quang Nam
    4. Mountainous  region in Lang Son
  11.  In the end of XIX century, which industrial field appeared in our country?
    1. mining industry
    2. textile industry
    3. manufacturing of cement, electricity industry
    4. both a, b, c are correct.
  12.  Where did Phan Boi Chau travel to find a way for the independence of Vietnam?
    1. China
    2. England
    3. Russia
    4. Japan.
  13.  When did Dong Du movement end?
    1. 1904
    2. 1908
    3. 1905
    4. 1909.

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